April 20, 2018 Press Releases

New England Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Capuano

Labor organization with more than 18,000 members endorses Somerville Democrat

(Somerville, MA) – The New England Regional Council of Carpenters has endorsed U.S. Representative Michael E. Capuano (D-Somerville) for re-election in Massachusetts 7th Congressional District.

“Our endorsement of Congressman Michael Capuano for re-election speaks to the issues that are important to union carpenters and the district, including job creation, racial and gender equality, infrastructure and development funding, and the need for comprehensive immigration reform,” said Tom Flynn, Executive Secretary of the New England Regional Carpenters. “Time and again, Congressman Capuano delivers on the issues that matters to working families.”

“I am running for re-election because families in Massachusetts like the women and men of the Carpenters’ union deserve better than what President Trump and the Republicans are doing every day to stifle wage increases, undercut civil rights, and make life difficult for the immigrant community,” said Congressman Capuano. “I will continue doing everything I can to advance the issues that are important to working families and push back against the dangerous Trump agenda.”

Several members of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters spoke on behalf of Congressman Capuano at the April 19th meeting where he was formally endorsed.

“When politicians talk to union members, they talk about jobs and safety and wages, which are all important union issues, but those aren’t the only issues,” said Greg Poole, a Charlestown resident and 17-year member of the union. “A lot of politicians only see us as hard hats and work boots, almost like they forget that other things impact our day-to-day lives. Mike Capuano isn’t like that. He knows that we are carpenters, but that we are also parents, coaches, and community members. That’s the thing about Mike Capuano: The Seventh district is his family.”

“My experience as a Marine is why I’m helping endorse Representative Capuano tonight,” said Hugo Morales of Chelsea. “Representative Capuano wants to make sure every veteran returning home has someone to help them out. That’s why he supported the expansion of the G.I bill to help veterans pursue an education. Representative Capuano has sponsored over 150 bills on veterans’ issues for improved health care benefits, health record keeping, housing assistance and equipment upgrades. He’s worked to protect the VA Medical Center in Jamaica Plain, the Causeway Street Community Based Outpatient Clinic downtown, and outpatient clinics in Dorchester.”

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters represents more than 18,000 dedicated construction workers in New England, including more than 10,000 across Massachusetts.

Rep. Capuano has been endorsed for re-election by an array of labor organizations, progressive champions, and leading elected officials such as civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis, who called Capuano “a leader alongside those of us opposing the unfair and immoral policies of the Trump Administration” who shows “courage on so many issues,” including income inequality, civil rights, gun control, health care, affordable housing, gender pay inequity, immigration and transportation.

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