April 3, 2018 Press Releases

Capuano Campaign Reports More Than $1.1 Million Cash on Hand

“I am truly grateful for the support I am receiving in this campaign. We face real challenges from a Trump presidency threatening working families, seniors, women, immigrants, and young people all across our district. I’m on the front lines of these fights and will keep standing up to Donald Trump to keep making a difference for the people who count on me to protect and advance their interests,” said Rep. Capuano.

March 8, 2018 In The News

It’s Long Past Time to Act on Gun Control

Reasonable people accept the reality that there is no magic wand we can wave to prevent every gun death. I accept that there is no law Congress can pass that will keep a gun out of the hands of every person who shouldn’t have one. But that doesn’t mean Congress should do nothing.

For Proven Leadership in Congress


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