America must seriously consider the question of Donald Trump’s fitness for the Presidency.

Once it became clear that Donald Trump would govern just as he campaigned, Mike committed to doing everything he could to stand strong against his dangerous policies. From the appointment of Steve Bannon to repeated attempts at imposing travel bans, Mike has stood up and spoken out against Trump.

Mike refused to attend Trump’s Inauguration, choosing instead to hold an open house in his Cambridge office. So many constituents had reached out, expressing fear and misgivings about the new administration that Mike wanted to make himself available so they could share those concerns directly with him. The gathering lasted twice as long as scheduled with every attendee getting the chance to express an opinion and ask Mike a question.

Mike has held community meetings throughout the district so constituents can continue to have a conversation with him about Trump and the issues they are concerned about. He also holds telephone community meetings so constituents can ask questions and express opinions without leaving their homes. Mike expanded his weekly newsletter to include a special “Behind the Curtain” section. This list details actions of the Trump Administration and Republican Congress that might not make headline news but are still having important and appalling impacts on the country. The list continues to grow, with well over 200 entries.

Mike has voted to begin the debate on impeachment every time the issue has come up on the floor of the House. He is gravely concerned about Trump’s actions and his fundamentally reckless and divisive approach to governing. Tweets are no substitute for policy. They can do serious harm, insulting people and alarming allies. Mike is convinced that America must seriously consider the question of Donald Trump’s fitness for the Presidency.

Mike is participating in a lawsuit filed against President Trump asserting he is in violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Trump continues to receive benefits from foreign parties without first seeking approval of Congress as required and has refused to completely separate himself from his businesses. This is a clear violation of our nation’s founding document.

After Trump’s racist and derogatory comments about Haiti, El Salvador and other countries, Mike co-sponsored a resolution to officially censure him on the floor of the House. Trump’s vile and offensive remarks came during a White House meeting about immigration reform, once again demonstrating a fundamental inability to effectively lead this country.

Mike is standing strong against Trump’s efforts to dismantle health care reform, turn the nation’s back on immigrants and create a tax system that primarily benefits the wealthy and corporations. Mike has been truly moved by the outpouring of activism sweeping the country in response to Trump’s election. In coffee shops and on soccer fields, during community meetings and at rallies, he is energized and driven by voters’ determination to fight for the values upon which our country was founded.

Mike shares your feelings and he will continue amplifying your voices in Washington so Donald Trump cannot ignore us.

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