The Primary is Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Make sure you are ready!

Here is our checklist to help get you ready to vote. To participate in local, state and federal elections, you must register to vote. You can find basic information about voting in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as your specific voter enrollment information.

Learn about the voting process

Get basic information about voting in the state of Massachusetts, and learn your rights as a Massachusetts voter.

Register to vote

You may register to vote online, or download a State of Massachusetts voter registration form at the website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Learn about absentee voting

You may be eligible for an absentee ballot if you are unable to vote on election day.

Find your polling station

Use the online lookup tool at the website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth to find your personal election information, including your poll location, contact information for your city clerk, and a listing of your elected officials.

Make an Election Day plan

Finally, figure out in advance how you will get to your polling station, and who you will bring with you. Schedule a specific time to go vote.

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